Saturday, April 20, 2024


Letter: In Favor of Absentee Ballots

To the Editor:

I am writing in complete support of the expansion of the Connecticut absentee ballot program.  The upcoming special session of the Connecticut General Assembly includes a bill that would temporarily change some of Connecticut’s restrictions on absentee ballots to make it more accessible for the fall.  Undoubtedly, this year the election will be different then it has been in the past. 

This bill would expand the valid reasons as to why someone would send in an absentee ballot.  Instead of the options being limited to someone being out of town or because they are ill, residents will be able to mark COVID-19 as a reason for choosing to use an absentee ballot.  This would ensure the safety of all residents, while still ensuring that they will have their constitutional right to vote. 

While some opponents believe that absentee ballots will lead to voter fraud, this statement cannot be supported with actual facts.  Nationally, there are only seven to eight cases of voter fraud from mail in ballots a year.  In a year where there are going to be more security measures concerning voter fraud than ever, it is clear that expanding the absentee ballot program for the November election is more important than ever.

Katherine Simons

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