Saturday, March 02, 2024


Letter: Favors Absentee Ballot Bill

To the Editor:

In the age of a deadly pandemic, tasks that were once simple are now genuinely dangerous. Essential daily errands like grocery shopping or getting medication are difficult enough for our healthy citizens, and even more challenging for those in our community who are elderly or have pre existing illnesses. We must recognize that voting is also an essential task, and the coronavirus currently hinders our right to participate in Democracy. In order to preserve this right, we must ensure we have widespread access to absentee ballots.

In the upcoming week, the state legislature will hold a special session to vote on a few important bills, one of which would mail absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in Connecticut. Currently, voters can only vote absentee in specific circumstances, like if they’re out of the state on election day or have a religious obligation. However, if the new bill were to pass, those who just don’t feel comfortable enough leaving their home to vote would be allowed to vote by absentee ballot as well.

It is extremely unrealistic to assume that by November, every citizen will feel safe being physically present at the polls. This important piece of legislation would eliminate the need to choose between voting and being healthy. I urge you to support this bill and hold your legislators who don’t support it accountable

Thank you.

Eliza Oren

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