Monday, May 20, 2024


Kerry Easily Carries Westport With 73 Percent of the Vote

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry easily carried Westport today in the state’s Democratic presidential primary, winning 73 percent of the vote. North Carolina Sen. John Edwards was a distant second with 16.5 percent.

The Town Clerk’s office said Kerry had 1,536 votes while Edwards had 347.

It said 2,105 Democrats cast ballots, or about 43.5 percent of the approximately 4,839 registered Democrats in Westport—about double the figure of four years ago.

The final totals were:

1536 John F. Kerry
347   John Edwards                
81   Howard Dean
63   Dennis J. Kucinich
30   Joe Lieberman    
28   Wesley Clark
15   Al Sharpton
2     Lyndon H. Larouche, Jr.
3     uncommitted

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