Sunday, May 26, 2024


Joseloff Issues ‘Clarification’ on Baron’s South Project

First Selectman Gordon Joseloff today issued a “clarification” of remarks he made Tuesday night to the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) Planning and Zoning Committee about municipal funds spent on his proposed senior housing project on Baron’s South.

“In my presentation, I said no taxpayer funds had been spent on the project,” he said in a statement. “I should have said that no additional funding has been requested and spent on the project since a study authorized in 2007.

“Clearly staff time has been spent by those in the town departments—including the Town Attorney’s Office—preparing aspects of the application and responding to requests for additional information and clarification from Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Finance, and RTM members.

“As was pointed out by a RTM member, there was an earlier $50,000 appropriation for the study issued by the Weston and Sampson engineering firm which provided the basis for focusing on housing as the best use of the property. We have not asked for additional funding in four years.

“I am deeply indebted to those outside advisers who have donated their time to this project which has enabled us to bring this project forward to this point.”

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