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Jewel Thief Steals $25,000 Diamond Ring Using Car of Ex-RTM Member

A jewel thief stole a $25,000 diamond ring from a Westport consignment store and made his escape in a stolen car belonging to a former Westport Representative Town Meeting (RTM) member, a police spokesman said today.Hymans-100.jpg
Ralph Hymans: jewel thief used his stolen car. File photo

The car, belonging to Ralph Hymans, 81, of 1 Rex Lane, was found abandoned a short distance away from the Consignmart, 888 Post Road East, following the late Thursday afternoon theft, said spokesman Michael Guman.

“I didn’t know a thing about it until police showed up at my home and my wife called me at my office saying they were looking for my car,” said Hymans, who was defeated last November in his simultaneous bids for election to the Board of Finance and re-election to the RTM.

He said he had parked the 1993 Jeep Cherokee at his Fairfield office a short time before.

The police spokesman said the thief walked into the store and asked to see a 1.7 carat Tiffany diamond ring that had a $25,000 price tag.

After looking at it for a few moments, the man, described as a white male in his 20s, about 5-foot-8 with a goatee and mustache,  suddenly ran from the store with the ring and jumped into the car driven by an accomplice, Guman said.

A store employee got the license number and an alert was issued for the car belonging to Hymans. It was later found abandoned in the Starbucks Coffee lot a short distance away on Post Road East.

Hymans said police towed his car to police headquarters where it was dusted for fingerprints and released to him today.

“They did damage to the key ignition and now I have to start the thing using a screwdriver,” Hymans said. “I guess it could have been worse. They told me that model is very easy for thieves to break into.”

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