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Irwin Donenfeld: Giant in the Comic Industry

Westporter Irwin Donenfeld, who died Monday night at the age of 78, was best known to his neighbors as a longtime town legislator. But his notoriety outside of Westport was as a giant in the comic book industry. He was the son of Harry Donenfeld, founder of DC Comics, and later became editor and publisher there, overseeing Superman and other super heroes. Donenfeld often boasted that he was the first kid in the country to see a Superman comic. He is shown visiting a Westport Historical Society summer camp for youngsters in 2002. Private funeral services will be held Thursday with a town memorial service in January. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Westport Historical Society photo

5 thoughts on “Irwin Donenfeld: Giant in the Comic Industry

  1. I didn’t know Irwin, but I do know a few of those kids—I’ve taught them myself—and their expressions say it all: happy, proud, delighted to be with this magical gentleman.

  2. I didn’t know Mr. Donenfeld either, but it’s a great loss to lose someone who has devoted their life to such a wonderful industry! I’ve been collecting comics for a long time, and I saw his passing in my Scoop Newsletter. My condolences go out to his family, and I know he will be truly missed by all who knew him and loved him.

  3. I knew Irwin. He was a wonderful man.
    He appeciated all the books I’ve produced on comic book history and I was proud that he made a few convention apperances with me and our mutual associates Carmine Infantino and Julius Schwartz.

    We miss you Irwin,

    J. David Spurlock
    Vanguard Productions

  4. Irwin was indeed a wonderful man, who loved his family, his work and his community. He was Superman to me, he was my grandpa and he is deeply missed.
    Thanks to you all, for posting such kind words. It is a gift to know how much he meant to so many people.

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