Saturday, February 24, 2024


Inn at Longshore Reopens in Time to Host Wedding Reception

Westport’s Inn at Longshore, damaged in a Christmas Day fire, reopened today in time to host an evening wedding reception.

Bride Deborah Lacy of Fairfield was ecstatic to have the reception go off on time despite the fire. “My initial reaction was shock,” she said. “It left me speechless.”

“It was a lot of hard work, but everyone pulled together to get it done,” said Fire Marshall Fred Baker, who did a final inspection today. “The Health Department has cleared it and the banquet kitchen is ready to go.”

The Saturday fire, which began when an old basement steam pipe overheated and ignited adjoining wood, spread upwards through voids and hidden ducts.

It damaged five guest rooms and there was water damage to the ballroom and the Splash Restaurant dining room and kitchen.

Rory Tagert, who operates the inn in the town-owned building, said it will be weeks before the rooms and Splash Restaurant are ready to reopen. Another wedding reception is set for the inn on Friday.

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