Monday, May 27, 2024


In the Papers: Greenwich Disses Westport

Newspaper stories that caught my eye:

Greenwich Time Greenwich doesn֒t think much of Westport distributing potassium iodide pills in the event of a nuclear event at Indian Point, nor of calling for a shutdown of the Westchester County facility as others have done.

Hartford Courant: If smallpox were to break out in Connecticut, there would be troops surrounding vaccination centers and the states borders would be sealed. A chilling scenario by reporter William Hathaway.

Hartford Courant: One town in Connecticut considers giving up its town meeting form of government but it would be tough in the ғLand of Steady Habits.

Danbury News-Times—Connecticut libraries are in a quandry over the Patriot Act; the question is how much privacy could shelter terrorists. Some libraries may ask users to sign up for computers using numbers, not names, and post warnings that e-mails are not secure.

Greenwich Time—Greenwich moves ahead with a redistricting plan for its Representative Town Meeting, but unlike Westport, is not aiming to do it on basis of population—something the town’s Republican registrar of voters says can get them sued.

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