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Gorham Neighborhood Votes for Historic District

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Residents in the proposed Gorham Avenue Historic District voted in favor of the district.

Town Clerk Patricia Strauss said the residents voted 17-3. The votes were due Thursday by 4:30 p.m., and were counted that afternoon.

There were 23 total votes for the 24 properties in the proposed district, Strauss said, and 13.5 votes were needed in favor of the district.

The Westport Representative Town Meeting will vote on implementing the district at its next meeting on July 11.

Strauss said each property was given a vote, and that vote was divided between the owners. One person owns two properties, she said, but he was only given one vote.

If two people owned one property, she said, the vote would be split in half.

In some instances, she said, there could be five people owning the property, which would split the vote into fifths. That was not the case with the Gorham Avenue vote, she said.

There were a total of 35 ballots totaling 23 votes, she said, and 32 of the ballots were returned.

One of the owners in the district—Richard Montanaro, who owns property at 5 Gorham Ave. and 296 Main St.—has proposed to build condominiums, which includes affordable housing.

He has also sued the Historic District Commission over its decision to endorse the proposed historic district (See WestportNow June 20, 2006).

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