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Going Down: 163 Compo Road South Image
The house at Westport’s 163 Compo Road South was demolished today.  Built in 1912, the two-story colonial had 1,545 square feet, was situated on a 1.55-acre property, and changed ownership last month for $850,000.  It was the WestportNow Teardown of the Day on Nov. 28, 2012.  (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

5 thoughts on “Going Down: 163 Compo Road South

  1. What’s sad is the near total neglect the home suffered at the hands of the previous owners. e.g. broken windows, rotten siding, gutters filled with vegetation, trash, . . . etc. When even the most basic maintenance is ignored for decades, the end result is a structure that is not economically viable to rehab.  Blame the sellers, not the buyers.

  2. Mr. Whitkin, Please check out the link above – Tear down of the day.  This house was in beautiful condition.  I don’t think you are familiar with this house.

  3. I live next door to it and can assure you that it was in total disrepair.  We considered rehabbing it but it would have been financially irresponsible if not reckless to attempt it.

  4. From the photo it looked good – must have been hiding the broken windows, and trash, etc.  Sorry any way.  It was a sweet house.  And it’s likely the new one will be enormous and impersonal- in my opinion.

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