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GoFundMe Page Set Up for Hero Aaron Tucker

UPDATE A GoFundMe page has been set up for Aaron Tucker, the Bridgeport man who was among rescuers of a crash victim Wednesday on Post Road East. Image
Karin Dale: set up GoFundMe page. photo Image
Aaron Tucker: sorting through job offers. photo

So far, it has raised more than $61,000 in thank you donations for the 32-year-old who jumped off a bus where he was headed for a job interview and used his shirt as a bandage on the driver’s head.

Westporter Karin Dale decided to set up the GoFundMe page late Thursday as she was running out to a birthday dinner. “Obviously, I wasn’t expecting this response,” she said. “I thought it would be just a few people from the Facebook group in Westport.”

Dale spoke to Tucker today by phone. “He’s really overwhelmed,” she said. “We talked about his plans for the money, and I told him I would help him with it. We’re going to set up bank accounts for him and a 529 for his son. He’s determined to make good use of it.”

Dale said she is going to see him on Monday “and we’re taking our kids out to dinner next week.” She added: “We’re excited to meet.”

In a GoFundMe update, Dale wrote: “Wow, needless to say I am blown away by your generosity! This is going to be a life-changing event for Aaron and his family.

“For those of you who have asked, I am in no way related to Aaron. The story of his heroism spread around our town and I thought that Aaron deserved to be helped, just as he had been there to help someone else.

“I called the halfway house and spoke to Aaron before I created this campaign and he is set up as the beneficiary.

“While the money goes directly to Aaron, his case worker and I are going to work with him on how it could most effectively be used to help his family.

“Additionally, we’ve had many offers of business clothes, job interviews and resume prep for the residents of the halfway house. Thanks again for your generosity.”

Tucker has been living in a halfway house in Bridgeport after serving 22 months on a weapons-related charge.

He said his life is now dedicated to helping his 21-month-old son, Aaron Tucker, Jr., and his mother.

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