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Gillespie Center Shelves No Longer Bare

The shelves at the Interfaith Housing Association’s Gillespie Center are bare no longer. The Rev. Peter Powell, head of the Westport group, said Tuesday he has been overwhelmed by the community response to his plea to help restock the food shelves at the facility which serves the homeless as well as distributes food to the needy. Contributed photo

One thought on “Gillespie Center Shelves No Longer Bare

  1. Thank you for publishing this photo. The response from the community was extraordinary and we are very grateful to be able to continue giving food away to families and individuals in need.

    Frequently the food we give away enables people to keep their apartments. They don’t have to choose between eating and paying their rent or utilities.

    We will give any one family that comes to us 2 prepacked bags of groceries per week. The Gillespie Center casework staff will also work w/ the family if they desire it to help them apply for Food Stamps or other assistance.

    In addition the Community Kitchen serves meals daily to anyone who comes to eat at noon and 5 pm. These meals are purchased, prepared and served by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer please visit our website for more information.

    Thank you for helping publicize the work this community carries out to shelter the homeless and feed the hungry.

    Peter R. Powell
    President, The Interfaith Housing Association

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