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Get Ready, Westport: “Martha Inc.:

Get Ready, Westport: “Martha Inc.: The Martha Stewart Story” Airs Monday
The strange cars, the slow drive-bys, the calls to the police they֒ve started again and are only likely to increase with Mondays airing of the made-for-TV movie “Martha Inc.: The Martha Stewart Story.”

The neighborhood around Martha StewartҒs house on Turkey Hill Road South has seen it all before but public curiosity about one of Westport֒s best known celebrities is ignited once again with the NBC premiere of the movie based on the bestselling book by Weston author Christopher Byron.

Weekend newspapers all across the country are carrying advance reviews of the production, starring Cybill Shepherd.

The Washington Times calls it a deliciously entertaining two hours.Ӕ The Wichita (Kans.) Eagle says, This unvarnished portrait with tirades, tantrums and tossed objects is more sympathetic than you might expect.Ӕ

The Hollywood Reporter says, Shepherd is a more-than-credible Stewart, but she is limited by a script that describes her character much more than it explores it.Ӕ

Westporters no doubt will be looking to see how their town is portrayed either in pictures or words. And they֒ll be amused to see Stewarts house variously referred to as ғTurkey Hill in Westport, Conn., or ԓStewarts Turkey Hill estate.Ҕ

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