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Gardeners Get Ready to Replant

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Community gardeners will gather with hoes, shovels and donated plants on Saturday to help replant the plots that were vandalized earlier this week.

Gilbertie’s Herb Garden has donated about 20 tomato plants and several more squash plants to the Westport Community Gardens to help replant what was lots, said Mary Ann West, one of the gardeners.

Parks and Recreation Department officials have also donated a lock and chain for the garden, she said.

The gardeners will gather Saturday at 10 a.m. at the garden adjacent to Long Lots Elementary on Hyde Lane, and volunteers are welcome to help, she said.

On Tuesday afternoon, community gardeners discovered vandalism in six of the plots. Bean poles and plant cages had been tossed aside and plants were pulled up or stomped.

“It’s certainly upsetting,” West said. “One of the heavily damaged plots is tended by an elderly woman, and it took a lot for her to get the plants in the ground.”

Children of one family had just finished planting another plot the day before the vandalism, she said.

The two donations have gardeners thrilled, though, West said.

“It’s nice to be supported like that,” she said. “It’s a generous gesture.”

The only set back with the garden is growing, she said, but if there is good weather the rest of the summer everything should be fine.

Also on Saturday, gardeners will plant pumpkins in unused plots, West said.

The pumpkins will be donated to each classroom at Long Lots in the fall, she said.

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