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Ganim and Giordano: The Westport Connection

The trials involving indicted mayors of two Connecticut cities Joseph Ganim of Bridgeport and (now former mayor) Philip Giordano of Waterbury ֖ both have Westport connections.

Ganim, now awaiting his fate on federal corruption charges in a New Haven court, made several trips to Westport where some of the activities under investigation occurred, jurors heard.

He dined at the Bridge Caf, where he discussed business deals, and he shopped at Mitchells, where he subsequently demanded cash refunds for several purchases.

Giordano is facing federal charges in a Bridgeport federal court that he arranged sexual meetings by telephone with two girls, ages 9 and 10 at the time, and violated their civil rights.

The Giordano Westport connection involves key players in the courtroom drama.

Giordano’s attorney, Andrew B. Bowman, has his office in Westport (but lives in Fairfield.) And U.S. Senior District Judge Alan H. Nevas is a longtime Westporter who once served as chair of the towns Board of Finance.

Waterbury’s Republican-American newspaper last week did a Westport-datelined profile of Bowman. It described him as the kind of attorney who is as good at researching the law as presenting his case to a jury.

Nevas, who maintains a low profile as a federal judge, is a native of Stamford who practiced law in Westport for many years before becoming a state legislator in 1970.

President Ronald Regan named him U.S. Attorney for Connecticut in 1981 and appointed him a U.S. District Judge in 1985.

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