Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Fox News Web Site Looks at Shays-Farrell Race

The Fox News Web site today highlighted the Connecticut 4th Congressional District race involving incumbent Republican Christopher Shays against Westport Democratic First Selectwoman Diane G. Farrell.

“His stridency on the (Iraq) war has disenfranchised a lot of the voters,” Farrell told “People are unhappy. People feel he’s changed.”

The report quoted state Sen. Judy Freedman as saying, “Chris is very sensitive, he does listen to the constituents in the district; he has a conscience, and I think those are the things that make him a very special congressman.”

Martha Aasen, chair of the Westport Democratic Party, told that Farrell is “dynamic, thoughtful, experienced, conscientious. I couldn’t say enough of Diane’s qualifications.”

But not everyone is charmed, it said.

“Diane has been one of the most charming and successful people in Westport, but she hasn’t been a great administrator for Westport,” said Pete Wolgast, chairman of the Westport Republican Party.

He also accused Farrell of neglecting town duties while running for higher office.

“The fact is, she’s lost it with me because she goes after Chris, trying to paint him as being in league with Tom DeLay he’s clearly not the same,” said Wolgast.

Shays said Farrell purposely misinterprets his record and wrongly paints him as a member of the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” but is preparing for a tough contest nonetheless, the Web site reported.

“Do I think I have a formidable opponent? Absolutely,” he said. “If you are asking me if I keep two speeches in mind on election night, I always do.”

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