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Former Westport Stop & Shop Employee Alleges Job Discrimination

A West Haven man has filed a discrimination lawsuit claiming he was the target of bias on the job at Westport’s Stop & Shop as well as one in Bridgeport because he is a Muslim.

Mohamed Arshad, who is from Malaysia, claims that his former supervisor at a Bridgeport Stop & Shop called him a “Muslim idiot” and told him that “we do not want any foreigners at this company,” the New Haven Register reported.

The lawsuit also alleges that fellow employees called Arshad “Bin Laden” in his supervisor’s presence and accused him of talking to Osama bin Laden on the telephone.

Arshad’s lawsuit also claims that supervisors at the Westport store put him on probation after a bad review and that he was passed by for promotions when co-workers “who are not Asian, Muslim and/or Malaysian, but who lacked Arshad’s tenure and his relevant knowledge and experience,” were promoted.

Stop & Shop spokesman Rob Keane declined comment on the suit.

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