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Fellow Inmate says Martha Stewart Getting “Kid-Gloves” Treatment

A pacifist nun serving time in West Virginia’s Alderson Prison says Westport’s Martha Stewart is getting “kid-gloves” treatment from prison guards and is very much in demand as a dining companion.

Details about Stewart’s doings at the prison were mentioned by Carol Gilbert in a letter to her attorney and reported by Denver’s Rocky Mountain News.

Gilbert is serving 33 months for her April 2003 conviction on one count each of felony sabotage and destruction of government property.

Stewart started a five-month sentence Oct. 8 at the same facility for lying to investigators about the circumstances of a now notorious 2001 stock sale.

“Recently, Gilbert, 57, and Stewart, 63, ended up at the same lunch table,” the newspaper reported.

The pacifist, who has taken a vow of poverty, and the multimillionaire, who was chauffeured to prison by her personal security team, enjoyed their meeting – given the circumstances, according to the report.

“We’re not talking about a tea party,” said Gilbert’s Denver attorney, Sue Tyburski. “We’re talking about a big cafeteria setting with the terrible food.”

Gilbert wrote briefly about meeting Stewart in a recent letter to Tyburski, who had handled her case at no charge.

“She said that Martha is getting the kid-gloves treatment from all the guards and that she’s in great demand for people to visit with at lunchtime,” Tyburski said.

Stewart, Gilbert told her lawyer, is writing a book about her prison experience.

“Sister Carol,” Tyburski said, “rather than saying, ‘I hope I make it into her book’ – as a lot of the prisoners are saying – says, ‘I hope she writes about the plights of all these other women who have received lengthy sentence under federal mandatory drug-sentencing laws.’ Rather than worrying about herself, as usual, she’s thinking about everyone else there.”

5 thoughts on “Fellow Inmate says Martha Stewart Getting “Kid-Gloves” Treatment

  1. I don’t think she is getting any different treatment then anyone else. I think it is the wish of some, that she be treated more harshly then others. I too thought the 33 months, with no priors, was a bit much for the “Nun”.

    Other then that all I have to say is, “Hit the road Jack, or should I say Edd.” You write much like Peter Newman. In addition, I am not from Windsor, and I am not mean. I am just speaking the plain truth. You can dress up like the “Captain of the Sky.” You can even wait outside Martha’s gate, run down her dog walkers, get a picture taken with the famed pooch, and put it on your odd web-site. What you cannot do, obviously, is get a real date with her. Can anyone say restraining order?

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