Monday, April 15, 2024


Facing Off at Earthplace Image
In their second and final debate, candidates for the 136th House District debated environmental issues tonight at Westport’s Earthplace, The Nature Discovery Center. Democrat Jonathan Steinberg and Republican Nitzy Cohen touched on the effectiveness of the Department of Environmental Protection, the deer population and what to do about them, and energy costs. About 50 persons attended the debate. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Helen Klisser During for

2 thoughts on “Facing Off at Earthplace

  1. I don’t recall ever having written a letter for or against a candidate running for office but, to my surprise, this time I just have to.

    After listening to and observing the two candidates last night there is absolutely no doubt that Jonathan Steinberg is the stronger, more informed and qualified candidate.  He was eloquent, He was persuasive.  He knows his facts and numbers.  He knows what he wants to accomplish.  He is forceful enough to be a successful legislator for Westport.  Ms. Cohen, unfortunately, displayed none of these qualities.

    Janet Beasley

  2. Democrat Jonathan Steinberg thinks that we live in town where our home values can be used as an ATM machine for the public social good. Come November I am closing my ATM account with my vote for Nitzy Cohen.

    Nitzy is what Westport needs, a smart successful business women that will bring business skills to the job and cut reckless spending.

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