Friday, May 17, 2024


3 thoughts on “Expect a Ticket If You Don’t Hang Up

  1. Cell phone users—hand held or not—have been shown to be as impaired as drivers over the legal limit, so I think this is worthy of police attention. I’m just sorry the legislators didn’t have the courage to ban them outright while driving.

  2. As a driver who’s nearly been hit several times by distracted cell-phone addicts, and as a road-runner who’s nearly been flattened by same more than once, I say “Go get ‘em chief!”

  3. I do think cell phone use while driving is a problem but just making people use hands-free devices will not solve the problem. The problem with cell phone usage is not physically holding the phone in my opinion, but rather that people get so distracted when they are on the phone, whether they are doing a business deal or yelling at their kids for doing something stupid. I really hope that the strict enforcement of this rule doesn’t take away from time that could be spent pulling over drunk drivers, drivers going through stop signs and redlights, or other more serious problems facing the state of Connecticut.

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