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Eric Pleskow, Film Executive, 95

Noted film executive Eric Pleskow, who ran United Artists and co-founded and led Orion Pictures, died today in Westport. He was 95.

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Eric Pleskow: led Viennale. File photo

The Austria native also has served as president of the Vienna International Film Festival since 1998. The Viennale announced his death.

Pleskow was involved in the making of Hollywood hits including “Platoon,” ‘‘Rocky” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Born on April 24, 1924, in Vienna, Pleskow and his family fled Europe via France days before the outbreak of World War II, eventually reaching the United States.

After training as a film editor, Pleskow was drafted into the U.S. Army and returned to Europe, where he was involved in rebuilding the famed Bavaria Studios after the war.

He later joined United Artists, rising to become the studio’s president before co-founding Orion Pictures in 1978.

There was no immediate word on survivors or services.

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