Friday, June 02, 2023


Enjoying the Sun Image
Two elegant Whippets enjoyed the sunshine on Sunday afternoon at Compo Beach. They are Brazil (l), a 4-year-old therapy dog at Stamford Hospital, and puppy Canis, who is in training to become a therapy dog. Their owner and trainer is Don Smith of Darien who has been training “healing hounds” for many years. Smith’s dogs also participate in library programs where children read aloud to canine listeners and are welcome visitors to area hospice patients. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Larry Untermeyer for

3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Sun

  1. Your ‘super duo’ are very handsome…..and bring great joy to many hearts. They are worth their weight in gold…….heck! they are worth a whole lot more than that when you think it through.
      Thank you, Don. for all that you do for two legged and four legged beings.

  2. Hi Don,  Looks as if Brasil is more accepting of Canis?  Only, he’s not looking at him 🙂  Kai wants to challenge Canis to a race!  No, not down the hallway of SH.  Hope to run into you, soon.

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