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Draft of Compo Master Plan Goes to the Public

UPDATE A draft of the master plan for Westport’s Compo Beach is available for review online at, and residents will have an opportunity to comment on it at a Parks and Recreation Commission public meeting Monday, July 7, at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall auditorium, Charles Haberstroh, commission chairman, announced today.

“The commission looks forward to an opportunity to discuss the plan and to receive public input regarding the recommendations” said Haberstroh.

“Compo Beach is one of the Town of Westport’s crown jewels, and the future plans for Compo Beach are important to all Westporters,” he added.

The master plan, devised by Lothrop Associates. and AKRF, both White Plains, N.Y.-based architectural consultants, and fashioned by public fedback at Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee meetings, includes two options.

Option A has cars that now park vertically on South and East beaches set back to make room for 8-foot wide pedestrian walkway. Proponents say that the design would offer unobstructed views, as well as pedestrian safety. Plan B would leave the parking at both beaches the way it currently exists.

The overall cost of implementing the site plan, as well as constructing a raised new bathhouse, concession stand and pavilion would top $7 million, more than $4 million of it for the bathhouse, according to Andy Moss, chairman of the Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee.

He said the earliest any construction could possibly take place is within 15 months.

But before any of that can happen, input is needed at the Parks and Recreation Commission public hearing, Moss said, and a Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) review will follow.

First Selectman Jim Marpe noted that there has been “a lot of good give and take in the drafting process,” and he thanked the committee for its efforts.

“The public has made their views heard on many topics, and a number of constructive adjustments and modifications have been made to the plan since the initial draft, reflecting some of those concerns,” Marpe said.

He stressed that the process is ongoing, the plan still a draft document subject to further changes based on the commission’s review and further public input.

“I encourage all interested citizens to attend the meeting and continue to provide suggestions and feedback,” Marpe said.

3 thoughts on “Draft of Compo Master Plan Goes to the Public

  1. This is an absolute sham! Publish a seventy nine page document one week before a public meeting looking for public input. Not to mention the fact that half of the week is consumed by the July 4th holiday. More than that the Committee has had plenty of input most of which they have chosen to ignore!

  2. A lot of time, thoughtfulness and energy has gone into this plan since November. Congrats to all involved. It’s my hope however that the parking is kept at South Beach for many reasons which have been made clear.

  3. “The overall cost of implementing the site plan, as well as constructing a raised new bathhouse, concession stand and pavilion would top $7 million…”

    THE plan? How much cheaper is it if we don’t change the parking?

    I’m so tired of my taxes increasing all out of proportion to my income.

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