Friday, May 17, 2024


Decades of History Gone in Moments

Within minutes after demolition began today, the kitchen area of the landmark former Allen’s Clam House on Hillspoint Road was gone. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE) photo

3 thoughts on “Decades of History Gone in Moments

  1. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE SHAME!!! Another landmark torn down. For what purpose?? I havnt been back in Westport since 1986. From what I’ve heard there is nothing to come back to. I’m not sure I will.
    I spent many hours gazing out upon the mill pond and enjoyed buckets and buckets of the best “little neck” clams in the country,bought at Allen’s and taken home to be eaten by friends and family gathered for just that occaision. Now, all I have are the memories. Thank God you cant tear those down! WHAT A SHAME!!!

  2. I’m glad the building is gone.  It was an eyesore and my memories of Allen’s Clam House include getting VERY sick from the food one time and the difficulty of trying to have a conversation because of the noise level was so high.

    I’m glad we’ll be able to see the water without the eyesore of a building blocking the view.

    Good move.

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