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Construction Crew Hits Water Line at Staples

Construction Crew Hits Water Line at Staples
For the third time since construction began on the Staples High School renovation and expansion project, workers hit an undocumented utility line today this one a water line that forced the cut off of water to the school at mid-day.

Workers uncover a severed six-inch water line today at Staples. The line was not on construction drawings of the site and water to the school had to be shut down while it was repaired. photo

School officials rolled in portable toilets from elsewhere on the construction site and told students to, in effect, make do with no water to the restrooms for the rest of the day.
The six-inch water line was severed shortly after 11 a.m.
Principal John Brady conferred with construction officials and discussed the possibility of summoning school buses to take the students home.
But some of the school buses were already tied up doing a kindergarten run and, after further discussion, it was decided to keep the school in session.
֓It basically was not a health issue, but one of inconvenience for the afternoon, said one school official.
Representatives from the Westport-Weston Health District and the Westport Fire Department were on the scene closely monitoring the situation.
The school did cancel after school activities as construction workers labored to repair the water line.
Noting that this is the third undocumented utility line to be struck during the $74 million renovation and expansion project, Susan Chipouras, project manager, told WestportNow that from now on, crews will use underground sensing equipment before digging.
ԓIt wont pick up everything,Ҕ she said, but it might help us avoid hitting these lines in the future.Ӕ

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