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Connecticut Public Television to Broadcast “A Gathering of Glory!” July 1

Westport takes center stage on Connecticut Public Television next week when it airs “A Gathering of Glory!,” the documentary produced by the Westport Historical Society.

The feature, directed by Westport resident Martin West, will be telecast Thursday, July 1, at 9 p.m. (See WestportNow Sept. 28, 2003)

Denise Torv, executive director of the Westport Historical Society, said she is excited that the documentary will be seen by a wider audience. 

The production of ‘A Gathering of Glory!’ is yet another way in which the Westport Historical Society works to fulfill its mission of celebrating the history of Westport,Ӕ  Torv said.

Any Westporter or Westonite with an interest in the evolution of their towns and especially, in their creative heritage, should have this film in their library.Ӕ

“A Gathering of Glory!” tells the story of Westport and Weston, which at the turn of the last century developed into havens for the countrys renowned visual artists, musicians, writers and performers.

Interviews with numerous residents including Joanne Woodward, Christopher Plummer, Jon Corigliano, Evan Hunter, Paul Cadmus, Hilton Kramer and many more, take the viewer on a cultural journey from early in the last century through the present and into the future. (See quotes from participants WestportNow Sept. 28, 2003) martinwest092603.jpg
Martin West: two years working on “A Gathering of Glory!” WN photo

West, an award-winning filmmaker and former actor, completed “A Gathering of Glory!” last year after two years of production.

“I never experienced anything that could take as long as it did,” said West.

“If someone had told me in 1999, when I shot the first interview for ‘A Gathering of Glory!,’ that it wouldn’t reach the air until the summer of 2004, I would’ve felt very stressed out about the next five years.

“But complaining was useless because I understood that any artist must realize that most of the time it actually takes years for a project to reach completion and then to reach people. I feel blessed that both those opportunities happened at all.”

The creation of the documentary, with music by Paul Alan Levi, was supported by funding from the Society and individual donors.

The special broadcast will be repeated on Sunday, July 11 at 2 p.m. Joanne Whitehead, CPTV program director, said there are plans to schedule an additional prime time broadcast in the fall.

Copies are available on VHS at the Westport Historical Society for $19.95 ($17.95 for members).  Visit for additional information about “A Gathering of Glory!” and to print out an order form.

You may call the the Gift Shop at (203) 222-1424 to inquire about availability of the DVD version and to pre-order larger quantities for the holiday season.

(EditorҒs Note: The editor of WestportNow is a director at large of the Westport Historical Society and while thanked in a screen credit, contributed little more than words of encouragement.)

2 thoughts on “Connecticut Public Television to Broadcast “A Gathering of Glory!” July 1

  1. Hi,

    I am a former Westport resident…graduated Staples in ‘66.  I’d like to see the video, “A Gathering of Glory”.  Please let me know where I can see it or order it.



  2. This remarkable documentary premiered in Westport in September, 2003 to very enthusiastic audiences, and in Weston in June, 2004.  The reaction of viewers in both communities has been an unabashed “wow”.  Kudos to Martin West who, in fact, spent more than four years in writing, directing, filming, editing and narrating “Glory”.  After watching the film on CPTV, be sure to buy your own copy of the video at the Westport Historical Society gift shop.

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