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Coalition Nominates Jennifer Johnson for P&Z

Jennifer Johnson, a Representative Town Meeting (RTM) member and a former co-director of the Westport Transit Committee, has been nominated by the Coalition for Westport (CFW) to run as its candidate for the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) in November, it was announced today. Image
Jennifer Johnson: ran unsuccessfully for P&Z in 2011. Contributed photo

Formed in 2013, CFW is a political party that focuses on land use issues and retaining the town’s distinctive character.

“Johnson is a well-known and respected Westport public servant who has a strong background in land use issues,” said Denise Torve, CFW chairwoman. “Her experience encompasses over 30 years throughout the tri-state area.”

Torve said that since Johnson moved with her family to Westport 11 years ago, she has been an active participant in many community issues with a focus on transportation, “and is well known for her experienced and informed advocacy of issues that impact residents such as traffic congestion, improved pedestrian safety, increased bicycle infrastructure, enhancing the vitality of the downtown, and greater connectivity of the Westport’s open and civic spaces.”

Torve lauded Johnson’s preservation background, saying she began her career in land conservation as executive director of the Morris County, N.J.’s Farmland Preservation Program and was project manager for the Trust for Public Land, a national group focused on conserving and enhancing open space.

Johnson, who spent 13 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, ran unsuccessfully for the P&Z on the Democratic ticket in 2011.

The Democratic Town Committee (DTC) has three candidates running for the P&Z: Greg Rutstein, Danielle Dobin and Michael Cammeyer. Both Dobin and Cammeyer are P&Z members who were party appointments following resignations.

Republican John Olefson, a P&Z alternate, is the Republican Town Committee’s (RTC) only candidate running for the commission.

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