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CL&P Power Line Plan Not as Described

CL&P Power Line Plan Not as Described
An alert WestportNow reader has called attention to the fact that Connecticut Light and Power Company inserts in its last billing statement described an outdated planned route for a new power line through Westport (See WestportNow Sept. 2, 2003).

The leaflet described the route as mainly along the Post Road until Myrtle Avenue where it would then go north, crossing the Saugatuck River on Kings Highway North, and then making its way back to the Post Road.

First Selectwoman Diane Goss Farrell said power company representatives had accepted an alternate route suggestion made by Barlow Cutler-Wotton, a member of the Historic District Commission, at a public hearing in June.

That route would have the 345-kV underground line turn south on Imperial Avenue and cross the Saugatuck River using the town-owned land adjacent to the Imperial parking lot. It would then go up Lincoln Street to Post Road West and proceed to Norwalk.

This avoids disturbing the historic neighborhood on Myrtle Avenue and the historic district on Kings Highway North.

Farrell told WestportNow that a CL&P representative had warned her that the notices sent to customers about the $500 million Middletown-to-Norwalk project were confusing, but he affirmed the commitment they made at the public hearing.Ӕ

She added that nothing is final until the states Siting Council agrees and that is expected to take approximately one year from time of application, which is due to be submitted this month.

Cutler-Wotton, who also is a member of the Kings Highway North Association, told WestportNow that she was gratified the power company had accepted her suggestion.

“I am thrilled with their new plan,” she said. “The other one would have been a mess. And they have told me they will burrow under the river and a town-owned park on the other side so they won’t have to disturb that either.”

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