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CL&P $1.4 Million Westport Upgrade Project Underway

Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P) said today it is undertaking a $1.4 million upgrade project in Westport as part of its ongoing efforts to improve its electrical distribution system throughout Connecticut.

The project, which is already under way and scheduled to be completed in October, is taking place along Riverside Avenue (Route 33), Indian Hill Road, Hogan Trail, Cricket Lane and Robert Lane, a news release said.

The work, including replacement of poles, new wire, new routes in event of an interruption, and new lightning arresters, will improve reliability for customers throughout the area, the company said.

“With the successful completion of this work, our customers throughout this area will have a stronger, more reliable system to meet their current and future needs,” said Bruce Bernier, director of Southern Division Operations for CL&P. 

“These improvements are part of the nearly $3 billion investment in our infrastructure we are making across the state over the next five years.”

CL&P said the Westport work will include:

—Replacing 81 poles and installing new cross arms and insulators that hold the wires in place at the top of the poles;

—Installing over four miles of new wire that is specially made for use in tree-lined areas;

—Installing new equipment to provide alternate routes for electricity in the event of an interruption; and

—Installing 120 new lightning arresters, which are devices that protect lines, transformers and equipment from lightning strikes by carrying the charge to the ground.

2 thoughts on “CL&P $1.4 Million Westport Upgrade Project Underway

  1. This has nothing to do with servicing Westport or Connecticut residents and everything to do with transmission to other states at a profit to the shareholders.

    We will gain nothing except increased bills to pay for there gains.

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