Saturday, April 20, 2024


7 thoughts on “Close Call

  1. Not seen in the photo are two yearlings immediately behind the one seen in the photo. All three barely made it across the road safely.

    I had seen the deer grazing in the old colonial cemetary and as they found a lull in traffic, they started across the connector roadway. Stopping midpoint for a few seconds they stood there until the truck came along at which time they began running. I grabbed my camera off the seat in my truck and took the picture. Although the photo doesn’t meet my own standards for photographic effort it does show the trucker hitting his brakes and the suddeness of the experience…

    ron m

  2. I wonder if most people know that Westport is the ONLY town in the area not participating in the Fairfield County Deer Alliance organized by SWRPA.

  3. Indeed…deer can be a real nuisance when you’re traveling 50mph in a 30mph zone and chatting on your phone. To be safe, you should drive the largest SUV possible.

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