Friday, May 17, 2024


2 thoughts on “Checking on the Construction

  1. I’ve worked at the beach each day this week and can tell you that even for an unskilled worker like myself it’s a great experience.  Everyone can help.  You don’t need to have signed up for a shift.  Just come and give a couple of hours of your time.  You will be glad you did.
    Joanne Heller, Westport Young Woman’s League

  2. We are still in need of volunteers to help us finish the playground by opening day on Sunday.  We had a low turnout today, despite the beautiful weather.  Come on down to the beach, have a little fun and help build this wonderful playground. We especially need help after 2:00 on Friday. Teens ages 14-17 are allowed to work without a parent.  Thanks!  Gina Beranek, Volunteers Committee

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