Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Pets Lost and Found

Do you know who owns this kitten?

An orange tabby approximately 6 months old had been hanging around our house near exit 42 off the Merritt Parkway for several days. He appears to be healthy although hungry, and walked into our house Saturday evening for food (11/12) so we have kept him inside and safe. We will get him sexed and scanned for a microchip Monday (11/14), but he had no visible tags or collar. We are reaching out to see if anyone has lost this cute kitten in the area. If so please contact Dr Gurevich at 203-939-7387 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Monster is back home!

WestportNow.com Image
UPDATE: Monster returned home today, safe and sound. He was found Sunday, August 28, on Main Street—a kind gentleman took him in and fed him, and then saw Monster’s poster and called the owner. Monster is a 10-year-old Male Bengal cat, declawed (front only), neutered, with light brown with dark brown spots, green eyes. He is 13 pounds, is tall and slender, friendly and vociferous but tends to be shy.  He went missing August 8th at night from Washington Avenue in Westport (off Evergreen).

In Memoriam – Decky

Decky the cat
UPDATE: Jo, Decky’s owner, wrote: “Sadly, we did find Decky, our indoor/outdoor kitty. He had died near a brambled area of my neighbor’s garden, under a beautiful fragrant azalea. We think he had been ill (in retrospect we realized he’d been sleeping more in the two days before he disappeared) and he picked her property because it is a safe place with fencing and a gate that keep the coyotes and other predators away. Thank you to all those who opened their doors to us to search.” Decky, a nine-year old gray tiger/tabby with four white paws, had been missing since Sunday, May 8th. He was much loved and oh so missed by his family. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Update: Ralphie has been Found!

This black and white English cocker spaniel named Ralphie, age 9 months, was last seen Wednesday in the morning at his home at 8 and 9 Bayberry Ridge Road, Westport and has been missing since then. Good News: Ralphie was found. He managed to get into his owner’s in-laws’ car, which was parked in their garage, and was not discovered there until today.



Good News, Monkey has returned home!

Our indoor cat, named Monkey, escaped from 6 Daybreak Lane, Westport at 5:30pm on Tuesday February 9th. We are delighted to let you know that MONKEY IS HOME!! There is a crazy story behind this, but the long and the short is that people care, the word was out, people called, I learned where Monkey was Tuesday morning, and after sitting in a neighboring yard for about 20 minutes, Monk heard me and came running! He even ignored the salmon I dropped for him to follow me around a fence to an opening where I could reach my arm in and scoop him up! He is very bony after a full 3 weeks away but the vet came yesterday, gave him the clean bill of health (besides needing to fatten him up) and micro chipped him for any future adventures.  Thank you again for helping with our search,  Sarah and Mike


Dizio is back home!

Dizio was been missing since October 19th, 2015 but he’s back home, but thinner. He is a medium – size male orange tiger with white collar and under with white sock and golden eyes. His right ear is clipped and some teeth are missing. He is very cuddly but shy. He is an indoor cat and was last seen in the Riverside Ave area near the Saugatuck Elementary School and Assumption Church in Westport CT.