Monday, December 11, 2023


Pets Lost and Found

UPDATE: Bearded Collie Murphy is Back

Bearded collie Murphy is lost
Murphy needs medication. Please help find him. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

UPDATE: Libby wrote: “Thanks so much for your help! Murphy made it home last night … he just showed up at the back door. We are so happy and relieved!!! He’s a bit worn and has lost weight but the vet says he’ll be fine … no broken bones or cuts.”

Murphy was lost on October 23 around 10:00 p.m. He is light gray/brown with white markings, blue eyes, about 50lbs and was wearing a red collar. Murphy is about seven years old. He is shy, especially around men. He needs his medicine so I hope someone sees this and contacts us. We live on the Weston-Wilton border. If anyone finds or has information about Murphy please call 203-856-4498 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Image
Another view of Murphy.

UPDATE: Slick Found and Taken to a Shelter


Our 11 year old Black Mini dachshund went missing today from our property at 195 Greens Farms Road,Greens Farms. Since this dog has never strayed from our property in the past ten years, we suspect that he was killed by one of the Coyotes who live in the Nyala Farms field across the road. Unfortunately, this happened to another one of our dogs around this time of the year about six years ago. My family and I hope that this scenario is wrong and that he possibly strayed from our property. Please contact us at 203-581-0286 if you see Slick.
Thank you very much, the Crawford Family

UPDATE: Bucky Returned Home Image

Bucky is a neutered male black and white cat with no collar or tags. He got out of the house on the morning of Sunday September 12 on White Woods Lane and has not been seen since. He could have roamed anywhere in the Earthplace vicinity. He is friendly and responds well to his name. If you see him or can get him, please call the Chasin family at 203.221.1605 or 203.858.5232.



Princess Marmalade is Missing

Princess Marmalade missing
This cat went missing with her friend whom I have retrieved but Princess Marmalade is still missing. She either is being fed by someone or was devoured by a coyote She is a long-haired tri-colored beauty who is semi-feral and very street smart so she may well be out there with other strays. She has been gone since the beginning of the summer.She was born along the river downtown and was found there once before.Just want to know if any one knows anything about her? Please call Sarah at 227-4329.

Red Coat Road Visitor—Somebody’s Pet? Image
Anyone missing a white bird? (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Richard Epstein for
A resident of Westport’s Red Coat Road noticed an unusual visitor to his backyard today and wondered whether the white bird is somebody’s pet.

“This almost pure-white bird flew into my backyard this afternoon,” said Dr. Richard Epstein in an e-mail to WestportNow.

“It certainly looked out of place among the sparrows, cardinals, finches and blue jays. I have bird feeders suspended in the windows in my dental office on Red Coat Road that look out on the gardens, and the bird was certainly hungry! 

“It appears to be a pet – there is a metal band on the right leg, and the coloring is white with some blue blush – it looks like some sort of a white parrot or parakeet.”

UPDATE: Curry the Cat is Found

Curry is short hair cat with a black coat that has calico specs.  She was last seen on the evening of Saturday, Aug. 21 at 4 Pequot Trail. 

She was recently adopted by our family and may be trying to make her way back to her old home at 3 Stoneboat Lane.

Since she is so new to us we do not have a picture. 

If you see her please call the Parkhurst family at 341-9854 or 919-9189.