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Superintendent Scarice: Positive COVID-19 Case at Coleytown Elementary

Superintendent of Schools Thomas Scarice today issued the following update to school families:

Dear Westport Families and Staff,

This afternoon, Mrs. Janna Sirowich, Principal of Coleytown Elementary School, was made aware of an individual in the school who tested positive for COVID-19. The affected person will be excluded from the school environment and has been instructed to quarantine at home. 

Upon learning of the positive COVID-19 case, the administration began immediate contact tracing. Those determined to be “close contacts”, including the health office staff at Coleytown Elementary School, have been notified. These individuals spent a significant amount of time in the presence of the positive case, and as a result, were informed that they will be excluded from the school environment and recommended to quarantine for 14 days from the date of contact, October 30. Other nursing staff will be assigned to the Coleytown Elementary School health office during the quarantine period.

As I have shared in prior communications of a similar nature, working closely with the Westport/Weston Health District and our medical advisor, it has been confirmed that the staff and students have implemented our mitigating measures by maintaining distance to the maximum extent possible, and by wearing masks. However, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE)/Department of Public Health (DPH) guidance (Addendum 5 and Addendum 9) indicates that decisions for exclusion from school and quarantine will be based on the individual circumstances of each case, including those who have spent a significant amount of time (i.e. more than 15 minutes) in the presence of a positive case, regardless of mask wearing.

And the Winner of the Scariest Halloween House is … 3 Ellery Lane!

Winner of the Halloween Decorating Contest 2020, 3 Ellery Lane, Westport, CT, by Dave Matlow
Westport Parks & Recreation announced the Halloween House Decoration Competition winners. The Fayad-Guggenheim Family of 3 Ellery Lane (above) took 1st Place. Second Place went to the Bodell Family of 1 Bradley St. (entry). The Hopkins-Clemons Family of 16 Rockyfield Road secured 3rd Place (entry), and Honorable Mention went to the Mirabelli Family of 1 Quintard Place (entry). (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

Polls Return to Their Usual Location Nov. 3

Registrars of Voters Richard Ruggiano and Marla Cowden said Westport Voting Districts will return to their customary locations for the Nov. 3, 2020 Election.

Districts 143 and 136-1 at Saugatuck Elementary School, 170 Riverside Avenue
District 136-2 at Coleytown Elementary School, 65 Easton Road
District 136-3 at Longs Lots Elementary School, 13 Hyde Lane
Districts 136-4 and 136-5 at Greens Farms Elementary, 17 Morningside Drive South
District 136-6 at Westport Library, 20 Jesup Road

All registered voters can check their scheduled polling place at:

Voters will be issued a mask and gloves (you can wear your own). Allow additional time to vote due to COVID-19 procedures. Be ready to wait in line and dress for the weather. Leave personal belongings in your locked vehicle and bring only your identification into the poll. Food and beverages are not allowed in the poll. And, finally, follow the directions of election officials.

Election Day Voter Registration How-To

If you’re not registered but want to vote Nov. 3, and are eligible to vote in Westport, you can head to the Town Hall Auditorium (110 Myrtle Ave.) between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. for Election Day Registration. Enter from the parking lot in the rear. The registration process on Election Day takes longer than the process of voting, especially with COVID-19 restrictions in place, so plan to get there as early as possible.

You must appear in person (please wear a mask) and provide proof of your identity and residence. Proof can be a current Connecticut driver’s license, ID card, or Learner’s Permit (adhesive strips with change of address is acceptable). Proof of identity examples are birth certificate, passport, college photo ID, out-of-state or Connecticut driver’s license without Westport address change.

Proof of residence examples, showing a current Westport address, are your lease, pay check, bank statement, property tax bill, naturalization documents, college/university registration/fee statement, passport than includes your current Westport address, and utility bills if due no later than Dec. 3, 2020.

If you have questions call 203-341-1115 or go to