Sunday, July 14, 2024


Bushy Ridge Visitor Image
An eastern coyote, normally nocturnal, made a daytime appearance at a residence on Westport’s Bushy Ridge Road today. Wildlife experts say they are not a threat to humans but do prey on cats and small dogs. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Karen Harman for

5 thoughts on “Bushy Ridge Visitor

  1. This appears to be the same coyote that hung out near a friend’s property in the Sturgess Hwy area last year.  She had taken some pictures. Same size,  no fur and just as pathetic looking.  There’s some fur now and that it is still alive is amazing.  The frigid weather and and no thick winter pelt may spell the end though.  Seems to be one tough critter if it is the same one.
    Janet Beasley

  2. THAT is one pathetic-looking coyote; looks downright sickly. BTW, coyotes are hunters of nocturnal animals, and thus are most often active at night, but they will also hunt and be seen moving about during the day.

  3. That’s no ordinary coyote! It’s Wile E. Coyote – super genius, and he just had a boulder dropped on his head after his Acme rocket sled blew up!…Beep, Beep!!

  4. Sadly, this animal is suffering from <a href=“; title=“sarcoptic mange”>sarcoptic mange</a>!  And, even more sadly others are unaware that this is highly contagious to their pets – not just that coyotes could hurt/kill but that the mites can live for awhile in the environment outside of their host.

    How about some sensitivity and where are the appropriate officials to help contain this?

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