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Auto Thefts, Break-Ins Prompt Police Warning

UPDATE Westport police today warned residents of a series of vehicle thefts and break-ins following incidents in the early morning hours on Poplar Plains Road near the Wilton town line.

Police asked residents to lock their cars and bring any valuables inside.

“In the last month we had five actual thefts either from driveways or ones parked on the road, and we had a number of vehicle break-ins,” said Lt. David Farrell.

He said the thefts occurred in areas close to the Merritt Parkway, “and the break-ins are basically all over town.”

“In most cases, the keys were left in the unlocked vehicles,” Farrell said. “In all cases of vehicles being entered, which resulted in thefts, the doors were unlocked.  The recent thefts have occurred primarily overnight.”

Police overnight investigated an auto theft and break-ins on Poplar Plains Road, a portion of which lies within Wilton, according to reports from the scene.

On Monday, police arrested an 18-year-old New Haven man and a juvenile following an attempted car theft and high speed chase that began with an incident on St. Johns Place. (See WestportNow Jan. 25, 2016)

“The Westport Police Department reminds you to please lock your car and bring your keys inside,” Farrell said.

“Please remember to take valuables out of your car for the night, such as purses, wallets and electronics. 

“It is also good practice to keep outside lights on and motion lights activated.  Please notify the Police Department if it appears your vehicle was entered or you observe anything suspicious in your neighborhood.”

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