Wednesday, April 17, 2024


At Final Debate, Bysiewicz Stands by Discredited Attacks

By Mark Pazniokas

The series of four Democratic debates for U.S. Senate concluded in New London tonight with Susan Bysiewicz repeating a discredited line of attack on Chris Murphy that he is the top Democratic congressional recipient of Wall Street cash.

Murphy said Bysiewicz’s inaccuracies are the defining issue of the race, not any difference over their positions on issues ranging from the Bush tax cuts to the preservation of Social Security and Medicare.

“I’ve never seen a candidate intentionally and willfully lie over and over again after she’s been called to the carpet for it. She knows empirically I am not the top recipient of Wall Street money among members of Congress,” Murphy said.

Their televised debate at the Garde Theater was sparsely attended, with plenty of empty seats even in the small VIP section reserved for Bysiewicz and, to a less noticeable degree, for Murphy.

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