Tuesday, April 16, 2024


At 3% Positive, CT Reaches Another Dangerous COVID-19 Milestone

It took all summer and the first three weeks of fall for daily coronavirus infection test rates in Connecticut to climb back over 2% positive.

But it took only seven days — until today — to surpass 3%, prompting a worried appeal from Gov. Ned Lamont for public vigilance.

“We’re all going to have to be a little more disciplined,” said the governor, who interrupted his own press conference on small business assistance to preview distressing infection statistics set to be released later today.

The rising infection levels also mean Connecticut won’t be shifting to a slightly less-stringent travel quarantine program, the governor said.

And Lamont also said he’s sticking with more lenient limits on business-related gatherings because he believes careless social gatherings are the chief culprits behind Connecticut’s surging COVID-19 issues.

“It’s those small, informal interactions taking place now” that are driving up numbers, the governor said, adding he understands residents are facing pandemic fatigue and have grown tired of the social distancing and other spread-control measures forced upon them since mid-March. “It will be over a lot faster if you wear the mask and keep the distancing.”

Lamont, who appeared at 1:30 at Lilly’s soul food restaurant in Windsor to announce a grant program, did not provide full numbers, which are expected later today.

But he said the daily infection rate for Monday — which involves the share of coronavirus tests completed that day that turned up positive — reached 3%.


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