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All Eyes on the Staples Windows

Members of the Board of Education and other town officials toured the new wing of Staples High School Thursday to get a better understanding of the windows in the building. A $2.5 million request for additional funding for the Staples project has been held up by the board pending clarification of why all windows in the building were not made to open and close as specified in the board’s educational specifications. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Allen Bomes for

3 thoughts on “All Eyes on the Staples Windows

  1. A clarification is in order. There is a conflict within the educational specifications for the Staples project. One page states that all academic classrooms should have operable windows while another page states that all windows should be operable. The architects and school building committee relied on the first interpretation and never considered that not having every window operable to be in violation of the ed specs. Also, the liason between the building committee (former Staples assistant principal Lee Littrell) and the town school administartion was made aware of every design change.

  2. whoever came up with the idea of putting in windows that can’t open is really STUPID. i can barely sit in class cuz it’s so stuffy, but we can’t open the windows because they’re for “emergencies only”! what if i want fresh air?? what the hell!

  3. i think everyone enjoys fresh air, the class room are extremly uncomfortable when windows are closed. And what happens when this “high tech” ventelation system fails?

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