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Polls Return to Their Usual Location Nov. 3

Registrars of Voters Richard Ruggiano and Marla Cowden said Westport Voting Districts will return to their customary locations for the Nov. 3, 2020 Election.

Districts 143 and 136-1 at Saugatuck Elementary School, 170 Riverside Avenue
District 136-2 at Coleytown Elementary School, 65 Easton Road
District 136-3 at Longs Lots Elementary School, 13 Hyde Lane
Districts 136-4 and 136-5 at Greens Farms Elementary, 17 Morningside Drive South
District 136-6 at Westport Library, 20 Jesup Road

All registered voters can check their scheduled polling place at:

Voters will be issued a mask and gloves (you can wear your own). Allow additional time to vote due to COVID-19 procedures. Be ready to wait in line and dress for the weather. Leave personal belongings in your locked vehicle and bring only your identification into the poll. Food and beverages are not allowed in the poll. And, finally, follow the directions of election officials.

Election Day Voter Registration How-To

If you’re not registered but want to vote Nov. 3, and are eligible to vote in Westport, you can head to the Town Hall Auditorium (110 Myrtle Ave.) between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. for Election Day Registration. Enter from the parking lot in the rear. The registration process on Election Day takes longer than the process of voting, especially with COVID-19 restrictions in place, so plan to get there as early as possible.

You must appear in person (please wear a mask) and provide proof of your identity and residence. Proof can be a current Connecticut driver’s license, ID card, or Learner’s Permit (adhesive strips with change of address is acceptable). Proof of identity examples are birth certificate, passport, college photo ID, out-of-state or Connecticut driver’s license without Westport address change.

Proof of residence examples, showing a current Westport address, are your lease, pay check, bank statement, property tax bill, naturalization documents, college/university registration/fee statement, passport than includes your current Westport address, and utility bills if due no later than Dec. 3, 2020.

If you have questions call 203-341-1115 or go to

Friday, Oct. 30, 2020

Westport Town Offices & Senior Center are closed to the public.
11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. – Westport Senior Center – Halloween Drive Thru Meal and Pumpkin Decorating Contest
Noon – 4 p.m. – 925 Post Road East – Earth Animal Market
7:30 p.m. – Imperial Parking Lot – Remarkable Drive-In Theater: “Ghostbusters”

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Earthplace YouTube Channel
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Westport COVID-19 Cases Up 10, Deaths Unchanged

The state said today its Westport COVID-19 case count was up 10 at 438 (417 confirmed and 21 probable) and deaths unchanged at 23. The current case rate is 7.9 per 100,000.

Connecticut’s daily coronavirus infection test rate soared beyond 6% on Thursday — roughly six times the daily rate the state faced all summer and early into the fall.

A somber Gov. Ned Lamont warned residents to brace for the worst, but he opted not to reverse the Oct. 8 easing of restrictions on business activities.

Instead, the governor granted more municipalities flexibility to tighten rules on businesses within their own borders — though he warned he could order new restrictions statewide as soon as next week.

Marpe: Consider Alternatives for Trick-or-Treating

First Selectman Jim Marpe today urged parents to consider alternate plans for their children’s trick-or-treating this Halloween since a number of homes are not participating for fear of the coronavirus.

“Those choosing to trick-or-treat this Halloween should be aware that there has been an increasing number of calls to town departments from Westport residents who do not wish to accept trick-or-treaters at their doors this year,” Marpe said.

“Parents and youth who are considering trick-or-treating this year are advised to consider alternate plans for the holiday considering that many homes may not be participating,” he added.

Marpe said The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) considers traditional trick-or-treating to be “a high-risk activity and should be avoided.”