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The Navins: Besieged by Heroin, Hatred and Greed

By James Lomuscio

A heroin habit that reached $600 a day, a father’s history of abuse requiring state intervention, and a young couple’s lust for independence and money even if it meant murdering parents are all choreographed in a state police arrest warrant. Image
Warrant details history of family trouble involving Kyle Navin and parents Jeffrey W. Navin and Jeanette L. Navin. Contributed photo

Police Friday night charged Kyle Navin, 27, already being held on a gun charge, with the murder of his parents. In addition, police announced the arrest of Jennifer A. Valiante, 31, his Westport girlfriend, as part of the investigation.

Jeffrey W. Navin, 56, president of J&J Refuse in Westport, and his wife, Jeanette L. Navin, 55, a Weston school paraprofessional, were reported missing since Aug. 7 after not being seen since Aug. 4.

Friday night, the Chief State Medical Examiner’s Officer in Farmington confirmed that the remains found at an abandoned Weston property at 85-89 Norfield Road belonged to the Navins.

Kerrigan Son: ‘No Connection to the Murder’

A son of the owner of the Weston property where the remains of a murdered couple were found said today his family has “no connection to the murder.” Image
Thomas J. Kerrigan: “let authorities continue the investigation.” Dave Matlow for

The father, Thomas F. Kerrigan, a businessman of Westport, is the owner of the property at 85-89 Norfield Road where the remains of Jeffrey W. Navin, 56, and wife Jeanette L. Navin, 55, were found Thursday.

“My family has already spoken to authorities, and we have no connection to the murder,” Thomas J. Kerrigan, also a Westport resident, said in a statement emailed to media.

“My father was also not a friend of Kyle’s,” he said, referring to the Navins’ 27-year-old son, who has been charged with his parents’ murder. “However, my brother and I were once acquainted to the Navin family a while ago when Kyle learned about the vacant property.”