Monday, April 22, 2024


Cops: Home Burglary Preceded Attempted Car Burglary

By James Lomuscio

Sunday morning’s attempted car burglary in Weston that was interrupted by a homeowner had been preceded by a Westport home burglary in which the suspect stole a bicycle used in the other crime, police said. Image
Jessica Jacobs: Police said she was waiting for suspect. Westport police photo

“What was revealed through our investigation is that we were able to trace it (the bicycle) back to a residence off Fraser Road in Westport, near the Weston line,” said Capt. Sam Arciola about the 4 a.m. attempted car burglary on Lyons Plains Road.

The attempted burglary near the Westport line spilled into town after Westport police spotted the suspect, described by Weston police as a black male in his early 20s and wearing a white t-shirt, riding a bicycle on North Avenue, Arciola said.

The suspect fled, turning into a driveway on Meadow View Drive behind the Coleytown Middle School, getting off the bicycle and fleeing on foot. He was pursued by an officer, and K-9 units later assisted with no trace, Arciola said.

‘This is a Slice of Americana – We’ll Be Here All Day’

By Dave Matlow

Westporter Bob Fox was one of those out early today at Westport’s Compo Beach, planning to spend the entire day near the iconic cannons getting ready for tonight’s fireworks. Image
Westporter Bob Fox, family, and friends get ready for tonight’s fireworks at Compo Beach. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

“This is not our first rodeo,” he said. “We’ve been coming here early on fireworks morning for about five or six years.” 

Fox said that 25 to 30 family members and friends will join him, mostly grandchildren, as the day wears on.

“This is a slice of Americana,” he said. “We’re serving hot dogs and hamburgers—sort of Norman Rockwell. We’ll be here all day except for a few runs to ferry people here and pick up some ice.”

McCarthy: Leave Blankets and Chairs ‘At Your Own Risk’

As crowds are expected to vie for every square inch of sand at Westport’s Compo Beach today, all in anticipation of tonight’s fireworks, Westport Parks & Recreation Director Stuart McCarthy is warning people not to literally stake out areas for later in the day.

“What we’ve asked people not to do is the situation we had a few years ago when people were literally roping off areas of the beach and putting in stakes,” McCarthy said.

If people want to leave blankets and chairs and leave, he added, “they are doing it their own risk” of someone taking their things or simply moving them. He said Parks & Recreation workers will not be in force removing or confiscating such blankets and chairs.

“We’re not the beach police here,” he said. “If they leave it, they leave it at their own risk. But if someone comes down and moves it out of the way, they can sit there.

Learning Tent Set Up on the Beach Image
UPDATE Westporter Dain Fritz was out early setting up a newly purchased tent – once he read the instructions – at Compo Beach today in advance of tonight’s fireworks. He said that he has set up at Compo on the morning of the fireworks for several years. He said he will be joined tonight by friends as well as his daughter, a 2012 Staples High School graduate and some of her friends. Fritz said he intended to “man” the set up throughout the day to hold the spot. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

Caregivers Strike at Westport Nursing Home Image
Nursing home caregivers, including 91 employed at Westport Health Care Center at 1 Burr Road, went on strike today to protest what they say are unfair labor practices by their employer. The New England Health Care Employees Union said the walkout affects facilities in four other Connecticut cities as well that are owned by New Jersey-based HealthBridge/Care One which is said “illegally and unilaterally” imposed deep concessions on union caregivers. The company said its priority is its residents and promised to provide excellent care during any walkout. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

Joey’s Readies for Busiest Night of the Season

By James Lomuscio

Westporter Joey Romeo expects today to be the busiest day of the season at his Compo Beach restaurant Joey’s By The Shore which is open from April 1 through the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Image
Joey Romeo: his Compo business has changed from a concession stand to an upscale eatery—“but you can still come in with bare feet.” (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

With estimates of almost 10,000 fireworks spectators expected to vie for table and chair space on the sand throughout the day, Romeo has hired extra staff.

“From 7 to 9 p.m. it’s crazy,” said Romeo, who opened the beachfront eatery in 1988. “We’ll even have ice cream carts out on the boardwalk.”

He will even be open later, until 10:30 p.m., instead of the usual 12-hour day from from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.