Monday, April 15, 2024


Thursday and Friday Paving Locations Image
The Westport Public Works department today released road work information for Thursday and Friday. It said paving will take place on North Avenue beginning at the Merritt Parkway overpass and working south. The contractor will also start paving on Cross Highway from Bayberry Lane westward. Due to restrictions on working on the Cross Highway-North Avenue intersection, work may alternate between the two paving areas so as to keep the intersection clear at rush hour. All school entrances will remain open, the department said, and the Wakeman Park Road and Staples-Bedford gate will remain open for morning and afternoon access. Contributed graphic

Dare Hummer Draws Attention Image
Westport Police Officer Ned Batlin gets a high five as he hands out police trading cards to Halloween parade participants today in front of the department’s new Hummer which is designated the DARE vehicle. The Hummer was seized from a Westport accountant who pleaded guilty last year to an embezzlement charge and a court ordered him to forfeit his five luxury automobiles. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo