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Making Music for the Gov Image
Some Westport teens made music for Gov. M. Jodi Rell during her recent visit to a private event at a Westport home.The brass quintet “Five,” consisting of Staples students, performed along with a piano soloist. Rell is seen with (l-r) Peter Menchaca, Tim Day, Danny Fein, Ryan Lester, and Chris Zappi (the members of “Five”), and Mark Zappi, piano soloist. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo

Sunrise Rotary Aids Guatemalan Organization

Westport’s Sunrise Rotary Club in cooperation with Guatemala’s Coban Rotary has presented a four-wheel drive vehicle to The Transitions organization in Antigua.

Mike Keen, Sunrise Rotary’s International Services Committee chairman, was instrumental in raising more than $25,000 to purchase the vehicle.

The vehicle will be used to transport Transitions’ clients, who are mainly amputees wounded during violent and chaotic conditions that have beset the country for the past 20 years.

Transitions was established a decade ago through the efforts of Westport architect Abe Rothenberg, whose son, Daniel, was studying in Guatemala at the time.

Talking Transportation: Fire on the Train

By Jim Cameron

Special to WestportNow Image
Smoke filled a Metro-North train in the Park Avenue tunnel last week. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Contributed photo
It was a typical Thursday, mid-afternoon, when Metro-North train No.1540 pulled out of Grand Central on time at 3:34 pm, heading for New Haven. But this train’s journey on Jan. 26 was to be anything but normal.

As told to me by an eyewitness, here is what happened: Snaking its way through the underground yards, the train started toward the Park Avenue tunnel when passengers in the fourth car of the eight-car train started smelling smoke. 

Though they didn’t know it, a traction motor on the 1994-built M6 car, one of the newest in our aging fleet, had caught fire.


There were no flames, but there surely was smoke, not only in the fourth car but the three others that followed it. As that smoke grew thicker, being pumped into the car by the ventilation system, passengers started coughing and looking for help. 

Noted Portrait Artist Visits Max’s Image
Noted portrait artist and author Everett Raymond Kinstler (c), an Easton resident, visited Westport’s Max’s Art Supply Saturday where he greeted some fellow artists. He is pictured with (l-r) Tracy Sugarman, Gloria Cole, Shirley Mellor and Edward Vebell. Portrait artist of presidents, movie stars, and the famous and not so, Kinstler signed copies of his most recent book, “My Brush With History,” as well as “The Artist’s Journey Through Popular Culture 1942-1962,” co-authored with Jim Vadeboncoeur. Five presidents—Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton—have posed for him. His portraits of Ford and Reagan are the official White House portraits. Original Kinstler art has been featured in Max’s window this month and will continue until Wednesday. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Ron Malone for

Westport Stars Image
It was Eagles Day today at Westport’s Earthplace, the Nature Discovery Center. It is home to two bald eagles, the newest of which is Cerena, (l) an immature eagle from Michigan who suffered a permanent disability as a young bird. As she matures, she will acquire the characteristic white head and tail fathers and yellow beak. Chatty (r),  originally from Kenal National Wildlife Refuse in Alaska, is a female adult bald eagle who seems to enjoy conversing with her young admirers—hence her name. She is believed to be about 5 years old. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Larry Untermeyer for