Tuesday, March 05, 2024


Move Into New Staples High School Delayed

The long-awaited and anticipated move into parts of the new $74 million Staples High School scheduled for this weekend has been delayed due to problems with the buildings mechanical system, according to an announcement on the high school building project Web site today.

ғIssues primarily with the mechanical systems have delayed the opening of the H and I sections of the new Staples High School, the announcement said. ԓThe move will be conducted over the holiday break.”

The message did not say specifically what the problems were, but a school source said teachers were told today that the problems concerned some vents and a generator.

The announcement did say installation of a new high-speed T-1 communication link will take place as scheduled, thus parts of the district will temporarily lose access to the Internet and to e-mail.Ӕ

Winslow Wall Work Making Progress

Workmen construct a new stone wall on Compo Road North along Westport’s Winslow Park today. The state is working on improving sight lines along the roadway as part of a project installing a right-hand turn lane at the intersection with Post Road East. First Selectwoman Diane G. Farrell told her brown bag lunch Wednesday the state has taken down some trees in the park it should not have and the town is negotiating for replacements. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)