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Westport Fire Log Wednesday Aug. 25, 2004

Fire Log225.jpg

2:09 a.m.  208 Post Road West, check a hazardous condition
7:54 a.m. ֖ 50 Nyala Farms Road, smoke in basement
8:22 a.m.  I-95 southbound exits 17-16, MVA
9:06 a.m. ֖ 208 Post Road West, public service call
9:19 a.m.  Reichert Circle, EMS call
12:52 p.m. ֖ 52 Roseville Road, fire alarm
2:40 p.m.  422 Post Road East, check a hazardous condition
3:04 p.m. ֖ Compo Beach Road, EMS call
3:22 p.m.  Merritt Parkway northbound exits 42-44, MVA
4:10 p.m. ֖ 120 Harbor Road, fire alarm
6:28 p.m.  Merritt Parkway southbound 41-40, MVA
7:01 p.m. ֖ 11 Bonnie Brook Road, motor vehicle lockout

Westport’s Tom Seligson Produces 9/11 Commission TV Report

Westport resident Tom Seligson, a television producer and author, is the executive producer of a television special on the 9/11 Commission Report to air on The History Channel.

The two-hour documentary, which will air Sept. 8 at 10 p.m., is, in effect, a filmed version of the controversial report of the Commission Report that examined the behind-the-scenes details of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the United Statees.

In session for more than a year and a half, the commission conducted more than 1,000 interviews, ranging from anonymous CIA operatives, to both Presidents Clinton and Bush.

Its staff also reviewed more than two million pages of documents, many of them formerly classified.

Westport Property Transfers Aug. 16-20, 2004

Property transfers as reported by the Town Clerk’s office for the period Aug. 16-20, 2004:

Richard Gross to Maarten and Jill Nederlof, 36 River Lane, $1,800,000. WN property.jpg

Maarten L. Nederlof to Richard J. and Jennifer Gross, 19 Burr Farms Road, $3,275,000. 36riverlane260.jpg
36 River Lane.: sold for $1.8 million. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for

Victor Development LLC to Robert A. Bagot and Andrea P. Saxlehner, 136 Old Road, $1,675,000.

John P. and Lurie G. Richardson Jr. to Heather R. and Kenneth D. Litton, 12 Godfrey Lane, $1,100,000.

Jan Dziedzik to Todd C. and Kathleen P. Pulvino, 39 Bauer Place, $1,245,000.

John F. Ashton to Simon N. and Teresa Noel Fenner, 16 Bermuda Road, $2,600,000.

Lights, Camera, Action at Swanky Frank’s

A television production company took over Swanky Frank’s on Post Road East in Westport today to film scenes for a new reality television series “Film Fakers” debuting in the fall on AMC. The producers prentended to film a full-length feature film called “Holly Holiday” about a woman named Holly who is disgruntled with the commercialization of Christmas. They also used a house on Woody Lane. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) photo

Christmas in August

The dining room at Swanky Frank’s on Post Road East in Westport was transformed into a movie set and production office today for a television production company shooting a new reality series called “Film Fakers” for AMC. They were pretending to film a trailer for a feature film called “Holly Holiday.” Note the frosted windows and Christmas decorations. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) photo

“Westport” Has an Encore at Anti-War Theatrical Evening

As Republicans delegates gather for their national convention in New York, “Westport” is taking center stage at a Manhattan one-night series of war protest plays and songs, dance, and comedy and poetry.stephenorourke100.jpg
Author Stephen O’Rourke: no offense meant to Westport. Contributed photo

A one-act play first performed a year ago at the New York International Fringe Festival, Westport,ђ is a satire of the decision to invade Iraq by Richard O’Rourke, 40, who grew up in New Canaan.

Directed by another former New Canaan resident, Jase Draper, it will be among the evening’s entertainment Sunday at The Ensemble Studio Theatre, 549 W. 52 St., beginning at 7 p.m.

The play depicts a Connecticut under siege and three denizens of Fairfield County holed up in a suburban house and living with their idea of deprivation.

We’re down to our last wheel of brie. I think the smoked salmon is almost gone,” complains one Westporter.

Westport Firefighters Donate Funds for Iraq Care Packages

Westports professional firefighters have donated $1,000 to send care packages to U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq. firefighters082404260.jpg
Shirley Sambrook of Fairfield receives a $1,000 check from the Westport firefighters for Project From the Heart postage. From the left: Asst. Chief Jon Gottfried, Firefighter Brett Kirby, Miriam Zalenski, Shirley Sambrook, Pat Vida, Dot Szudoro, Elsie Voros, Lt. John Plofkin and Asst. Chief Chris Ackley. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)  Contributed photo

The donation comes from the firefightersҒ benevolent fund—a non-profit charity organized in 1976 and administered on a volunteer basis by members of the department to support local charitable organizations.

The Iraq mailing gift came about from a chance encounter at a local supermarket where the firemen shop for their meals, according to a news release from the department.

Bakery worker Miriam Zalenski struck up a conversation with Lt. Chris Ackley, whose nephew recently returned from a tour of duty in Falluja.

The baker, along with a group of her friends, had been collecting and mailing items to the soldiers since the Vietnam conflict.

Westport Fire Log Tuesday Aug. 24, 2004

Fire Log225.jpg

6:53 a.m.  49 Clinton Ave., fire alarm
1790 Post Road East ֖ motor vehicle accident
10:03 a.m.  49 Clinton Ave., fire alarm
10:11 a.m. ֖ 605 Post Road East, motor vehicle accident
10:30 a..m.  204 Long Lots Road, fire alarm
11:49 a.m. ֖ Charcoal Hill Road, EMS call
12:08 p.m.  Woody Lane, EMS call
12:13 p.m. ֖ 605 Post Road East, motor vehicle lockout
12:35 p.m.  100 Beachside Ave., car leaking gasoline
4:22 p.m. ֖ 52 Old Road, fire out
5:47 p.m.  45 Old Hill Road, fire alarm
5:56 p.m. ֖ 2 Pine Drive, fire alarm
7:05 p.m.  Maple Avenue North and Hyde Lane, wires down
8:45 p.m. ֖ 6949 Main St., Trumbull, hazmat call
9:08 p.m.  Whitney Glen Drive, residential lockout