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Westporter Greets Westporters in Boston

Seth Orkand, a 1995 Staples grad, greets fellow Westporters Martha and Larry Aasen today on a bus to a reception for the Connecticut delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Orkand, 27, son of Westports Rabbi Robert Orkand of Temple Israel, is one of three ғBeantown Buddies assigned to the Connecticut delegation. Orkand works for a software firm in Boston and begins law school in the fall. See more photos on POLITICS page. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE) photo

Best Guest Bets

By Fran

WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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Why anyone would voluntarily leave Westport on a summer weekend with the exception of a trip to Boston for the Democratic convention ֖ is beyond me.  sabre07250401260.jpg
French table wear: favorite at Table D’Art. photo

But in case youre invited to be a house guest at a friendҒs beach house one of these remaining days of summer, youre going to be looking for the perfect house gift.

I will immodestly admit to having earned a reputation as a talented gift-giver.  Here are my guidelines:

1. The gift does not impose my personal taste on the recipient.
2. It should be something useful, preferably consumable.
3. It should be out-of-the-ordinary. (WhereҒs the originality in a bottle of wine?)
4. The gift should be slightly indulgent i.e. something my friends would not go out and buy for themselves.
5. It takes recipients tastes and lifestyle into account.  For example, the best gift to parents might be something to keep their bored kids occupied on rainy beach days.

In other words, one size does not fit all.

WestportNow on Democratic Convention Coverage Sites

Stories from, as an accredited online publication at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, are being posted automatically to several sites that aggregate Web coverage of the event.

WestportNow readers interested in seeing how other accredited Web publications are covering the convention can go to or a similar site from

Supervising online publications at the convention for the Democrats is Brian Reich, son of Westport’s Ann Sheffer, who is among Westporters attending the event along with husband, Bill Scheffler.

AP: Economy/Jobs Top Issues for Connecticut Delegates to Dem Convention

The Associated Press, in a poll of Connecticut delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Boston, found that most view the economy and jobs as the top issue facing the nation in this presidential year.

Education and the war in Iraq rank second and third respectively.

Westport has one delegate in the delegation Martha Aasen, chair of the town֒s Democratic committee. Westporter Bob Rose is a convention alternate.

The economy, education and the war scored higher in importance among the delegates than other issues such as crime, moral values, taxes, health care and fighting terrorism, the AP said.

Fairfield County Caucus Urges Congress to Preserve Transportation Funding

Westport’s state Sen. Judith G. Freedman, leader of the Fairfield County Caucus, today urged Congress to protect Connecticuts funding while working to resolve the differences in separate pending House and Senate federal transportation bills.

She was among a number of Fairfield County legislators who signed a letter to the conference co-chairs urging Congress to enact a six-year reauthorization bill funded at $318 billion, and maintain the 90.5 percent minimum guarantee contained within the current formula.

The state legislators wrote their letter to emphasize their support for the position staked out by Gov. M. Jodi Rell in a letter she wrote to Congress earlier.

ғAs Connecticut state legislators who represent Fairfield County, we are deeply concerned about the effects that federal transportation legislation can have- both positive and negative on our state֒s ongoing highway and mass transit programs,” the letter said.