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Martha Stewart on her Web Site: “Please Keep (My) Company Alive”

In a message to fans posted on her Web site, Westport’s Martha Stewart today called her sentencing “horrendous” but not unexpected. She appealed to her supporters to help keep her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia company alive.

The letter echoed remarks she made to reporters on the steps of a New York courthouse following her sentencing.

“The sentencing decision in my case is in. As horrendous as it is, it was not unexpected and I am not afraid of what the future holds,” Stewart said.

“I will get through what the court requires and return to my work just as soon as I can. In the meantime, my attorneys will pursue a vigorous appeal.”

Text of Martha Stewart Letter to Judge

In a four-page letter written from her Westport home on the eve of her sentencing, Martha Stewart told U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cederbaum “my hopes that my life will not be completely destroyed lie entirely in your hands.”

The text of the letter:

Dear Judge Cedarbaum:

We have never had the opportunity to speak one on one, you and I, despite the fact that I sat before you for five weeks. I am sorry that the legal system is such that even when a person’s life is at stake - and for me that means my professional and personal life, not my physical being - the constraints prohibit conversation, communication, true understanding and complete disclosure of every aspect of the situation. I am not a lawyer, I am not skilled in legal processes, I am not even knowledgeable about many legal terms and legal procedures. I am still, after two and a half years of legal maneuverings and countless hours of preparation and trial time, abysmally confused and ill prepared for what is described to me as the next step in this process.

Martha Stewart Letter to Judge: “I Never Intended to Harm Anyone”

In a four-page letter written from her Westport home on the eve of her sentencing, Martha Stewart told U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum she “never intended to harm anyone and I am dreadfully sorry that the perception of my conduct has caused my family, my friends and especially my beloved company so much damage.” photo

AP: Westport Martha Stewart Reaction Mixed

Reaction to Martha Stewart’s sentencing today in her hometown of Westport was mixed, according to AP reporter John Christoffersen.

In a Westport-datelined dispatch, he wrote:

“Martha Stewart is not the most popular figure in the shoreline town where she began the catering business that would eventually turn her into America’s most famous homemaking expert.

“But while some described her as a cold or unpleasant neighbor, few said they were happy to see her sentenced to prison on Friday.

Text of Stewart Statement: “I Have Been Choked and Almost Suffocated”

Text of Martha Stewart’s statement outside the courthouse after she was sentenced today:

Today is a shameful day. It’s shameful for me, and for my family, and for my beloved company, and for all of its employees and partners. What was a small personal matter came over the - became over the last two years an almost fatal circus event of unprecedented proportions.

I have been choked and almost suffocated to death during that time, all the while more concerned about the well-being of others than for myself, more hurt for them and for their losses than for my own, more worried for their futures than the future of Martha Stewart the person.

More than 200 people have lost their jobs at my company as a result of this situation. I want them to know how very, very sorry I am for them and their families.

Farrell: “I Think the Sentence Was Reasonable”

Today’s sentencing of Westport’s Martha Stewart kept many Westporters glued to their televisions. Westport First Selectwoman Diane G. Farrell watches coverage in her Town Hall office. Farrell said, “Given the circumstances, I think the sentence was reasonable. It was very deferential of the judge to allow the appeals process to run its course before she actually has to serve time.” photo

Martha Stewart Gets Five Months in Prison, Five Months Home Detention

Westport’s Martha Stewart today was sentenced to five months in prison, five months of home detention and a $30,000 fine for lying to federal authorities investigating her sale of stock in a friend’s company. stewarttv07160401.jpg
Westport’s Martha Stewart addresses reporters after her sentencing. CNN/ photo

Just before her sentence was pronounced, Stewart asked the judge to “remember all the good I have done.”

“Today is a shameful day. It’s shameful for me, for my family and for my company,” she said.

Stewart told the court she would serve her home detention at her Westchester County home in Bedford, N.Y.

Her lawyer asked that she not have to wear an electronic monitoring device, but the judge denied the request.