Friday, July 12, 2024


Shays Thanks I-95 Responders

Rep. Christopher Shays thanks emergency responders and repair crews today at the site of the I-95 tanker accident in Bridgeport. “I am particularly grateful to the mayor (John Fabrizi of Bridgeport) and the fire, police and other first responders for how well they have worked together to minimize the inconvenience to the commuting public,” he said. photo/Cablevision News-12

Report: DeLauro Appearance for Farrell Ruffles Republican Feathers

The New Haven Register reported today that Republican feathers were ruffled earlier this month when Rep. Rosa DeLauro from Connecticuts 3rd Congressional District ventured into the neighboring 4th District to stump with Westport First Selectwoman Diane Goss Farrell, who is challenging incumbent Rep. Christopher Shays.

Neither ShaysҒ congressional office, nor his campaign, would comment on the purported offense, which one Shays supporter said is without modern precedent in his district, the newspaper said.

But Rep. Rob Simmons a Republican from Connecticuts 2nd District, who two years ago saw out-of-district Dems stump in his district for then-challenger Joe Courtney, said that he would not do such a thing, at least not without a courtesy call to the affected colleague/fellow incumbent, the report said.

“ThatҒs just a rule that I follow,” Simmons told the newspaper. “Im not sure that everyone does, but I follow that rule to the best of my ability.”

Northbound I-95 Reopens at Tanker Accident Site

Northbound lanes on I-95 in Bridgeport reopened today, well ahead of schedule and three days after a fire partially melted an overpass.

Construction workers cheered as a parade of cars, escorted by police, traveled on the repaired highway shortly after 5 p.m. for the first time since last week’s crash between exits 25 and 27 of a tanker truck filled with heating oil.

The scheduled reopening of the more heavily damaged southbound lanes, meanwhile, was pushed up to Thursday.

Officials said the northbound span, reinforced with new steel supports, would be able to handle all normal traffic Monday.

Westport Town Attorney Wins One for Easton

When he is not wearing his hat as Westport Town Attorney, Ira Bloom is a partner in a local firm and in that role he has won a significant case for one of Westport’s neighbors, the Town of Easton.

Bloom, a partner in the law firm of Wake, See, Dimes & Bryniczka, won dismissal last week of a case that had been brought against Easton by a group called Citizens for a Responsible Government.

The group sought to overturn the results of a town referendum which overwhelmingly supported the construction of a new elementary school.

After the Easton Board of Selectmen called a town meeting and a town-wide vote to approve an appropriation of $29 million and bond authorization, the citizens of Easton voted 1,624 to 617 in favor of the expenditure.