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Cell Towers Revisited: Now its EastonҒs Turn

Cell Towers Revisited: Now its EastonҒs Turn
Todays New York Times takes a look at the long controversial issue of cellphone towers in residential neighborhoods and in reporting on a dispute in Easton mentions WestportҒs unsuccessful effort to stop a tower going up near the Merritt Parkway.

Excerpt:  In nearby Westport, where the state law was most recently tested and upheld, Verizon bought a vacant house at 2 Sunny Lane with an eye to putting up a 130-foot tower.

ӓThe town sued, and help poured in from the Connecticut Council of Municipalities and the state attorney general, to no avail. Today, Sunny Lane is a little less sunny.

ӒHow do you throw up a cellphone tower in someone’s backyard? asked Lorcan O’Connor, who bought the house next door two months before Verizon won the court case. ґThis is a residential area.Ҕ

The Advocate Reviews A Community of ArtistsӔ

If you havent made it to the Westport Arts CenterҒs A Community of ArtistsӔ exhibit yet (hurry, it runs only until next Sunday) and want a good rundown of what its all about, take a look at today’s The Advocate of Stamford/Norwalk.

Reviewer L.P. Streitfield takes readers on a walk through the show and in the process offers a quick history of the arts in Westport.

A Westport Restaurant Almost Doomed Newmans Own

Westporters Paul Newman and A. E. Hotchner almost opened a restaurant in their hometown instead of starting Newmans Own two decades ago. And charities would have been millions poorer.

ThatҒs one of the tales from a new book the actor and writer have authored about their successful food venture and highlighted in this weeks Newsweek.

Called ғShameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good, the book tells how the two became accidental entrepreneurs and launched a company that now sells dressing, pasta sauce, popcorn and more in eight countries, all to the benefit of charities.

They were interviewed by NewsweekԒs Jennifer Barrett.

      Barrett: Why write this book now?
      Newman: Well, were passing one landmark. [This month] weҒll be giving away our 150 millionth dollar. So, a lot of the book people have asked us to do some kind of history about this business.
      Youve been quoted as saying, ғThere are three rules for doing businessfortunately, we donגt know any of them.
      Hotchner: Actually, my favorite is: ԓIt is useless to put on the brakes when youre upside down.Ҕ
      Newman: The one I like best is, When things look darkest then they go black.Ӕ 
      You mention in the book that you originally intended to open a restaurant in Westport, Conn., called Newmans Own, but were talked out of it by a former restaurant owner. Any thoughts still about opening a restaurant?
      Newman: We can barely handle what weҒve got.
      Hotchner: How close were we then?
      Newman: I dont think we were more than 28 percent there.
      Hotchner: [Laughs] Well, we are never more than 28 percent there. Seriously, if there had been a really good location, we might have done the restaurant instead of all of this.

The Price of a Cup of Coffee

Editor’s Note: WestportNow today inaugurates a new occasional feature—WestportNow Lists by our consumer correspondent Fran.

Sometimes it will be best buys, what’s hot, or what’s unusual. We welcome reader suggestions and contributions. Today’s opener: the price of a cup of coffee—fancy and plain.

By Fran

WestportNow Consumer Correspondent
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The cost of a medium skim latt:
(All prices include tax):
Katzenbergs Kaf钩            $3.29
Starbucks $3.29

The coffee bar at Hay Day. photo

DocҒs   $3.25
Commuter Coffee             $3.25
Garelick & Herbs           $3.18
Hay Day Coffee Bar           $3.18      
Village Bagels                 $2.75
Westport Library               $2.65
Abbondanza $2.50
Oscars             $2.19
Say it ainҒt so, for a cup of Joe (16-oz coffee):
Docs   $1.75
StarbuckҒs $1.70
Katzenbergs Kafҩ            $1.64
Abbondanza $1.59
Dunkin Donuts           $1.55
The Country Store             $1.51
Coffee An’                      $1.50
Commuter Coffee             $1.50
Great Cakes $1.50
Village Bagels                 $1.50
Westport Library               $1.50
Christie’s                       $1.43
Fortuna’s                       $1.43

Hay Day Coffee Bar           $1.43 (corrected Oct. 27 from $1.59, thanks to Hay Day’s David Loggie. But Dave—please update the sign that says $1.50. I can’t buy a cup of coffee at every place to see if what’s actually charged is the same as the listed price!)
Oscars             $1.43
Cumberland Farms             $1.37
PeterҒs Bridge Market $1.37
Calise’s                         $1.30